Bog Bodies


video collage


duration variable





Bog Bodies is an Archimboldesque collection of amateur footage, mainly from YouTube, all set in swamps. When put together it begins to form a narrative where everything is scattered and disconnected while simultaneously being related and interwoven, where isolated incidents unknowingly form a coherent whole. The swamp itself becomes a sentient, anthropomorphic presence being explored by people with different agendas and a tangible euphoria, sometimes shifting into panic for fear of being swallowed by the ground, while the people and their surroundings start to reverse their roles as body and space.

selected screenings:


Hordaland Kunstcenter Bergen

Galleri Sinne Helsinki

KIASMA Teatteri Helsinki

Fahrenheit Los Angeles

Ve.sch Vienna

Divus Prague

Kunsthalle Roveredo

Syndicate at Gracechurch Street

Kunsthalle M√ľnster

The Open School New York

AS Gallery Krakow